The Secret Thought

I have a way of walling up the ones I love
That is so kind, they do not feel the airlessness,
The want of words, the silence where once I spoke,
The change of subject: for I confess,
I am no casuist
And if you do not understand my eyes
Or words at once, then further words will not unclasp
The utmost secrets of my heart;
And if I lock you in a securer chamber
And never hint again at the gleaming thing in my brain
That I sought to show you,
You cannot suffer, for I will stifle your curiosity
With a gentle but utter silence;
I will not try to reason with you
Or draw you to my way,
I will not tell you my displeasure,
Or the something that I can no longer say;
I shall not exile you from my heart
Or say that you must go;
And when I trammel my wildest, sweetest thought,
My friend, you will never know.


4 responses to The Secret Thought

  1. T. G. Rivard says:

    Love it. The narrator is strong and defiant (maybe that’s the wrong word – imperious?), and at the same time I think I can hear sadness. The interplay is so nicely balanced!

    Liked by 1 person

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