A Hampshire Exorcism

For the unseen weight that lies upon your soul,
For that strange sorrow that so moves you now,
For the ugly spirit of the crossroad and the tears
That fall beneath his whisper and his shadow—
I see winging from the hills of Winchester,
Holding up their shields by where you stand,
Echoing, echoing grace from weightless metals,
The wondrous spirits that hold you in their hands:
The grey stones lift and flood with the unearthly note,
The sweet music that Heaven in your heart first wrote.


1 response to A Hampshire Exorcism

  1. T. G. Rivard says:

    I have been enjoying your recent poems this one included. This one has a subtle beauty. The unnamed weight on the one’s soul (why is he suffering?), and the powerful prayer (or is it a spell?) sent by the narrator to the one inflicted. A lot is packed into its few lines. Very nice!

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