About the Author

Devoted as I am to the Gothic as an aesthetic mode and genre, it is my purpose to recreate the landscapes of the original Gothic novels written by Georgian-era authors like “Monk” Lewis, Ann Radcliffe, the Marquis de Sade, and Charles Robert Maturin. Ruined abbeys, sinister noblemen, and haunted castles existed and will exist again: Mother Radcliffe still lives, Melmoth still walks the earth to tempt and save, and the shadows of Udolpho and Northanger still fall athwart the horror genre, though as yet unrecognized by its devotees. The past shall swallow the future and out of this resurrected appetite, the genre shall come full circle to a still greater and more exalted manifestation of the supreme, sublime Taste that it strives and has always striven to cultivate in those discerning palates that crave and seek Terror as the keenest and most exalted emotion that art can sustain and pursue.


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