A Lynchian State of Mind

As a lot of my Twitter followers have probably guessed, I’ve recently been going through a bit of a David-Lynch-filmography-binge-watching marathon. And, as always, I’m struck by Lynch’s interest in taking ordinary objects and locations and investing them with layers of hidden meaning. Whether it’s his long, lingering shots of the windy forests that surround Twin Peaks or the strange little close-up shots of ceiling fans and traffic lights that serve as codas to close certain scenes, the world of Lynch is oneRead more

A Tangle of Weeds and Flowers

As I was taking a walk about a month ago, I took this photo of a tangle of weeds and flowers at my feet. It was almost impossible to walk along that particular path because the undergrowth was so thick; but, though it impeded my progress, this obstruction only increased the subtle beauty of the ground upon which I travelled. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Beneath Your Feet.”Read more

Enveloped in a Garden

A couple of days ago, on a particularly moody spring afternoon, I was reading William Child Green’s novel The Abbot of Montserrat in this secluded chapel garden — doubly enveloped in both the unfolding of his tale and the white, newly-blooming flowers that surrounded me.Read more

Gothic Springtime

Snapped this shot on my way to lunch the other day.  A cherry tree in full bloom, lending some color to the grey Gothic landscape of my campus. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forces of Nature.”Read more