The Cost of a Rose; or, The Ordeal of Blood: Chapter 25

“I beg the gods to disappoint my crime;
Yet almost wish them deaf to my desire.”Read more


The Cost of a Rose; or, The Ordeal of Blood: Chapter 24

“I cannot for the life of me recall what happened during the weeks that followed that harrowing night. It seemed that I lapsed into a swoon that lasted an eternity, drifting into consciousness only momentarily…”Read more

An Adventure in Wootton: A Tale of Eldritch Terror

‘Tis strange that on the fifth of March 1766, though having enjoy’d London for little less than a month after my travels upon the Continent, I awoke with a curious resolution to see the North Country. Breakfasted alone and occupied myself with Mr. Walpole’s romance of ‘Otranto’ but could not shake the notion. Indeed, once fix’d, the impulse would not surrender its hold upon my imagination despite all my attempts and it was with difficulty that I kept my attentionRead more