The Prospect From Eston

There was nothing underneath, he told himself – couldn’t be. It was his reason, his dumb, bull-headed reason, that kept him calm. Yet while he crouched there, motionless, watching the approaching darkness beneath those waters, he felt his flesh grow wet with perspiration and his knees incline towards buckling with a cowardice that he had never felt before – never in city alley, country road, the quiet of solitude or the loneliness of a crowd…Read more


An episode of spectral horror from Matthew G. Lewis’s THE MONK

A scene of spectral horror from Matthew G. Lewis’ The Monk: Repose I wooed in vain. The agitation of my bosom chased away sleep. Restless in my mind, in spite of the fatigue of my body, I continued to toss about from side to side, till the Clock in a neighbouring Steeple struck ‘One.’ As I listened to the mournful hollow sound, and heard it die away in the wind, I felt a sudden chillness spread itself over my body. IRead more